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MCC provides a wide range of medical chemical solutions to meet your specific application.

Total-Fix is a patented single vial stool fixative: No mercury, No formalin, No PVA. Compatible with permanent staining, fecal concentration, and lateral flow, micro-well EIA and FA assays for Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Also for molecular platforms.

Medical Chemical Corporation provides Neutral Buffered Formalin and Zinc Formalin.

Medical Chemical Corporation manufactures several stains, stain kits, reagents and fixatives for the histology laboratory.  Paraffin coming!

Medical Chemical Corporation manufactures stains, reagents and fixatives for the cytology laboratory.

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The study of all living organisms that are too small to be visible with the eye.


The test of a solitary cell type, as commonly located in fluid specimens.


A chemical material or compound made use of to suspend or destroy microbes on inert surfaces.


Transport vials, Fixatives, Stains and FA Kit to identify parasites and parasitic eggs in fecal samples.


The science or study of blood, blood-forming body organs and also blood conditions.


Various stains and reagents used to help with the diagnosis of infections and diseases.


Stains and reagents used to transport, fix, process and stain tissues for disease and cancer diagnosis.

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MCC provides a convenient method of confirming and differentiating morphology of positive slides with the traditional stains.

Concentration Systems

3 different systems (2 patented) for fecal concentration. Two closed and one open system utilizing 3ml to 30ml of fecal specimen to detect parasites and parasitic eggs.


Procedures and products to aid the technologist in the identification of parasites and parasite eggs.


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